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Glasair FT with owner at Death Valley, California

Glasair II FT
Reluctantly For Sale -
(After visiting the Noah's Ark Exhibit)

$49,500 USD
(Would prefer finding an airplane partner at the Deer Valley Airport tho.)



This is a Glasair amateur build aircraft. It's essentially a Glasair II, but we call it a Glasair "One and One-Half" because it started out as a Glasair One and turned into a Glasair Two. (It has the GI wing, horizontal stab and cowl but the better GII fuselage, firewall, rudder.) My airplane partner and I built it, maintain it and have been blessed to fly it over the past 23 years. We've accumulated 3900 hours flying it over almost all the lower 48 states in all sorts of weather. (Well, not in hail. But we have seen 1/2 inch of mixed ice.) It's stood the test of time — which is what you want in an "experimental" airplane. (And we continually modify it to make it even better and more reliable. For example, recently we had custom steel bushings made for the nose gear to stop them from wearing out every 2000 hours!) As my airplane partner is now more than 80 years old, it's time to find a good home for her baby.

Copilot side view of Glasair II FT



Notice that the Instruments are 3 high.
We basically stuffed a Glasair 3 panel in a Glasair 2.
(Lots of room for glass.)

Pilot's side of Glasair instrument panel Copilot's side of Glasair instrument panel

Bird's eye view of clean Glasiar engine cowl Side top view of engine

Engine and Propeller:


Bird's eye view of Glasair interior from pilot side canopy opening View of Glasair interior from pilot's side, showing full panel View from copilot's entry of luggage area in Glasair View looking aft at hat rack in Glasair

Side view pilot's side of Glasair with gull wing canopies closed Rear oblique view from copilot's side of Glasair Front view of Glasair with custom wingtips and HID landing/taxi light


Extra Goodies:

Ergonomics warning light location Airframe logbook

Need More Convincing?


Certifications and recent Maintenance:


So, all planes have squawks, right? In the interest of openness, here are some things that we know aren't perfect.

Updated May 23, 2018